John – Good morning willyCat.

willyCat – Did Ellen call yet?

John No she did not call willyCat … why don’t I grab you some breakfast … and we’ll talk about Ellen.

willyCat – … Ok, but, I will have you know  … I only eat canned food … but hey John … you think we might try to call Ellen before we eat breakfast?


John – Ah no … however, here is the truth about your beloved Ellen … you must have taught her some very special things willyCat … because Ellen grew up to be one of the most famous people in the world. She has accomplished so much in her life willyCat … I don’t even know where to begin.

To start … Ellen is a World Class Comedian … and yes willyCat … her level of comedic talent is respected by every comic in the world. Plus, she has one of the most loved and successful Daytime Talk Shows in television history … her show is watched by millions of her faithful fans. Your Ellen also happens to be a Cover Girl Model … yes willyCat … she is also very beautiful … the list of the wonderful things she has done for people is beyond description.

The truth is willyCat … your Ellen is just fine … she is safe, happy, and loved by millions of people all over the world. This is the reason we cannot just call her … I am sure she never stopped loving you willyCat … I have no doubt … she would still remember you.

We will keep working hard on trying to reach Ellen for you willyCat. We are working on a special web project to try and help you out. We all know about the good deeds you have done for people in the world willyCat … for instance, when you looked after Tom on that deserted island for three years … not many Cats would do that for a human. They are just too lazy to work that hard … and really willyCat, not to knock all felines … but, most Cats will always put themselves first.

You though, are different in how you care about people … I couldn’t help but notice, you remind me of someone … then it came to me … you remind me of this great guy who accomplished amazing things … willyCat, you totally remind me of being like, some sort of Forrest Gump Cat … so cheer up willyCat … we’re not ready to give up just yet.

willyCat – Why didn’t you tell me that Ellen worked in Showbiz John? … I’ve been working around the Motion Picture and Television business for ages. I spent years working on a few of the longest running sitcoms of all time.

John – Really Forrest … I mean willyCat … I didn’t know about your Hollywood connections … what shows did you work on?

willyCat – I don’t know the names of the shows … I’m a Cat John … we care about the people and how much food falls off the buffet table … not the fake characters.

I got my big break in the business living with a nice family in Milwaukee … there were these two dudes on the show that I became great friends with. I loved Ron a little more because he was the one feeding me. However Henry taught me a lot … he was like the coolest guy in the neighbourhood. It was Henry who I apprenticed under to get my motorcycle mechanics licence … if it wasn’t for him … I would have never gotten the job at OCC.

After that show ended … I was picked up as a walk in extra on another big show. This show was like my dream gig … the show was about nothing … seriously John … that was the concept … a show about nothing. Anyhow, that brought me to New York and I lived with the star of the show … his name was Jerry.

John – What incredible luck willyCat … so what happened after that show ended?

willyCat – The other big show was another pretty sweet situation … it was also in New York and I became great friends with all the cast members … they all loved me, there was Jennifer, Courtney, Lisa, David, and my two best buds … Matt and Matthew.

Why didn’t you tell me Ellen was a big star John? … I’ll bet all my good friends know Ellen personally … Hurry up and feed me … I want to look up my friends on the computer … Thanks, but I probably won’t be needing your help anymore John.

JohnOK now



willyCat – hey John … where is this girl Cat named Charlie?

John – Oh, she’s around willyCat … careful she doesn’t stalk you and then try to put the chomp on you … Charlie is a bit of a Tom Cat … so you better watch out.


willyCat – Don’t you worry about me John … I think I can handle a girl Cat named Charlie … I am part Alley Cat … so you better watch it John.

Oh Hi there, my Gorgeous little Gothic Feline … my name is willyCat.


These are actual photobombs by Charlie the Cat … Charlie really was stalking willyCat … I noticed her doing it, after the first shot.


willyCat – … help John … hurry … help me John! … Charlie is attacking me!

John – What’s wrong willyCat … I thought you could handle a girl Cat named Charlie?

willyCat – … hurry John … save me … she snuck up on me, when I wasn’t looking … help me!


John – Relax willyCat … Charlie only wants to play.





willyCat woke up early and decided to help out his long time friend The Easter Bunny.



Beau – Hi willyCat … my name is Beau … it is very nice to meet you.

willyCat – Hello there Beau … what time is Easter dinner being served?


Beau – Sorry willyCat … you  already missed dinner … and, you better stay on the stairs with me … where it is safe.

willyCat – What do you mean … I missed dinner … I am going down to check, and see when they are feeding us.

Beau – Ok … but, I’ll see back on the stairs in about one minute.

willyCat – No problem … do you want me to bring you a treat Beau?

Beau – Sure … but … all the treats are gone too.

orgwillyCatWatsonWatson – You must be willyCat … so, you thought you would come over for Treats and Dinner did you? … well, you’re lucky I just ate all of Beau’s food … or you would be toast … now, get back upstairs with Beau … before I change my mind about you willyCat.


willyCat – … Beau … why didn’t you tell me about Watson … you were right … he ate everything … I was lucky to make it back to the stairs.

Beau – You’re lucky Bosco is not down there … you wouldn’t have to worry about finding Ellen anymore.


Below are pictures of willyCat’s Numbered Tag … still waiting on the his Collar.





willyCat – hey John … did Ellen call yet?

John – No, she did not call willyCat … and move back … your breath is horrible.

willyCat – Sorry … I just ate a bug … when are they coming to pick me up for dinner?

John – In about ten hours … it is 4 o’clock in the morning right now.

willyCat – yeah, so … I was lying awake … thinking about Ellen and the only thing that made me feel better … was thinking about that Easter dinner … how long is ten hours?

John – For you? … let’s call it a nap … come back, after you have a short nap.

willyCat – OK … but, come wake me up … if Ellen calls.


Below are photos of the original willyCat taken since he landed in Toronto.






We just heard word … willyCat is having issues with Customs at the border … WillyZ and myself are going to head down there and see if we can sort this out … stay tuned.

… cheers John willyCat.

… on our way to Detroit …

WillyZso John … are you telling me this little Kamikaze willyCat mailed himself to Toronto … and he’s thinking … somehow … we are going to reunite him with Ellen?

John apparently so … you know how willyCat hates flying.

WillyZ yeah, but seriously dude … that’s messed up.

John I know … I’m surprised he’s still travelling like that … after that flight he took out of Miami.

WillyZ no, seriously John … did you tell him about Ellen yet?

John not yet … let’s just get willyCat back to Toronto first … I’ll have to think about how I’m going to tell him. Can you believe this willyCat lived with both Ellen and Conan? If it wasn’t for that incident flying out of Miami … that little willyCat … he’s led a more charmed life than I have.

WillyZ why what happened in Miami?

John – he told me about it once … he described it like this …

(willyCat) … I had thought of a brilliant idea on how I could avoid being mobbed in airports … why not just ship myself instead? Well, one day I landed a last minute gig to do some human sitting at a Resort Retirement Home in the Islands. I thought … why not, this is the kind of gig that pays huge … I’ll make it a working vacation … so I decided to travel FedEx.

I’ll never forget that moment the nice FedEx lady asked me … Mr. willyCat … would you like to be travelling today packed in peanut shells … it is no extra charge? … I thought … why not … gimme the peanut shells.

Am I ever glad she mentioned those peanut shells … those shells saved my life.

The flight was going along as normal … I was relaxing with a snack and getting ready for my in-flight-nap. When all of a sudden, I was being violently tossed all over the cargo area … this lasted for about 3 minutes … and then it felt like I was floating.

Things started to get really bad … I noticed my FedEx box was taking on water and I quickly realized that we had crashed in the middle of the Ocean … just south of Miami … right smack dab in the middle of The Bermuda Triangle.

I floated for about a month, desperately hanging onto my soaking FedEx box as it fell apart from the crashing ocean waves … eventually, I washed ashore on the beach of this tiny deserted island. Well … I quickly found out the island was not so deserted after all. There was this one guy who had survived the plane crash … and he had been barely surviving on the tiny island ever since the plane went down.

John – At first willyCat was worried the guy might try to eat him …  so he quickly reached down into the water … caught a fresh fish … and held it out for the guy. It turns out the guy was just happy to see willyCat (sure a rescue ship would have been nice) … but still, willyCat was better than nothing … he introduced himself as Tom.

willyCat and Tom became great friends … it was the first time willyCat ever had to become the bread winner in his life, and was not used to the heavy responsibility … however, willyCat soon adapted and he didn’t mind having to take care of Tom.

Because Tom was so lonely, he was thrilled to have willyCat around to shoot the breeze with. Tom also had this volley ball that he spoke to named Wilson and was always trying to get willyCat to play with him. Even though the ball was too big for willyCat to have fun with … he knew Tom loved to play … so he did it just for Tom.

Often willyCat and Tom would cuddle together when the sun went down and the nights grew cold. willyCat would talk about Ellen and he told Tom .. this was the only time he was glad that Ellen was not with him. Being stranded on the deserted island … willyCat wouldn’t want Ellen to live like this.

As tragic as the situation seemed for willyCat … life was pretty good … he loved living on the island with Tom … he knew Tom loved him more than anything in the whole wide world. They had made a life long friendship pact … if they ever got off the island … Tom would help willyCat find Ellen.

Then one day something happened that had never happened in the three long years they had been stranded on the island … a small piece of driftwood washed up on the beach. Both willyCat and Tom looked at each other … and they knew … this was Tom’s only chance to get off the island.

Tom woke up early the next morning and caught breakfast for willyCat for a change. Tom was worried about willyCat trying to reach the mainland … he loved willyCat and didn’t think he would survive without him … however … he knew it was their only chance.

So willyCat ventured out into the open sea that day on the tiny water logged piece of driftwood … he sailed for about 5 months, exhausted and barely clinging on with all his strength … the waves were as high as 30 feet and willyCat was soaking wet the whole time. He was determined though to make it ashore and hung on.

Even though willyCat loved living on the island, and the island lifestyle … he loved Tom more … so he knew he had to do this just for Tom.

willyCat did eventually make it ashore … and keeping his promise to Tom … he enlisted the US Coast Guard to help rescue Tom. However, when they reached the deserted island … Tom was gone. willyCat knew they were in the right place because some of their stuff was still there.

The Coast Guard though tried to accuse willyCat of making up the story of Tom and threatened to bill him for the rescue attempt.

What willyCat believes is … somehow Tom made it off the island … and is now desperately searching for willyCat.

… we go into the Customs Depot …

John so where is he?

Officer he’s in the back


Officer we are so glad you came to get him … he has been complaining all day … we even told him … forget the outstanding $7.11 … we just want you outta here.

He told us … I can’t leave … I’m waiting for John willyCat to take me to see Ellen.

WillyZ so let me get this straight John … this dude willyCat has lived with Ellen when he was a kitten … then he lived with Conan when he was a small boy … and now you’re telling me willyCat was stranded on a deserted island for three years with this guy named Tom, who is presently searching the globe so he can help him find Ellen?

John apparently so … after all … willyCat did save Tom’s life.

WillyZ wow … so who is Tom?


Hello everyone … I would like to post a couple of pictures of willyCat during the design stage. These were created by two very talented artists who helped inspire willyCat.

The first is a hand-knit willyCat produced by a wonderful lady named Sandra … Sandra lives in Florida and sent us this beautiful willyCat. He is actually knit as one piece and is not a bunch of pieces sewn together … truly, an amazing piece of work.

We just love this willyCat … he is so incredibly soft and huggable … thank you Sandra.


The second artist is an up and coming young Cat artist named Grace … even though Grace is only five years old … her artistic talent is truly an inspiration for something we are also working on … cartoon willyCat.

When it comes to drawing Cats … Grace has a natural talent … below is just a sample of what she created for willyCat in about five minutes.

We were extremely honoured to have Grace commission an Original willyCat drawing … her original Cat drawings have been compared to Theodor Seuss Geisel … not very easy to come by … as Grace keeps most of her original artwork for her own personal collection.

Thanks again Gracie … we think your picture of willyCat is totally awesome.